Life Expectancy and Retirement

Our current retirement model is based on historical perspectives. But the world has changed and as we live longer, there will be greater stress on our financial resources, both personal resources and retirement programs. Currently, Medicare is under tremendous stress because the contributing community is smaller than the recipient community. Although the Baby Boomers contributed to this system during their working lives, the funds are under inadequate to continue the program. “When Social Security began in 1935, life expectancy at age 65 was an additional 12.5 years. In 2014, it was an additional 20.6 years for women and 18.1 years for men. By 2030, it is projected to be 21.7 for women and 19.5 years for men.” “By 2031, when the youngest boomers will have reached 67, Americans age 65 and older are projected to number 75 million, nearly doubled from 39 million in             Read More..

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