Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, it’s all about jobs!


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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, it’s all about jobs!

New Program launches to help communities take a new tact on declining jobs, new technology and the impact on people

The Industry Hub—creating healthy communities strategically!

Dallas, August 24, 2017–The outcry over loss of jobs has been in the news for months.  Everyone seems to think that we can’t do anything about it, but we can.  We need to rethink jobs in our communities.  As technology becomes more of a factor in our lives and technological changes are exponential, communities can no longer wait for new companies to start and develop, they need to take an active role.   The Industry Hub Inc. a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization focused on helping in three ways:

  • Looking at declining industries to determine where jobs will be lost
  • Reviewing new technologies where jobs will be created
  • And looking at the impact on people

By analyzing where jobs will be lost, we can do a technology analysis and recommend technology solutions to expand the life of the product.  Concurrently, we will introduce those companies to new technology companies to determine if they would like to invest, partner or purchase.  Once a new company forms, The Industry Hub will do a skills analysis of currently employees to determine what types of training is required.  This analysis will be referred to college/ universities/ trade schools for them to put together a program and determine program/ costs/ timing.  This will then be presented back to the company with a recommendation of a 50/50 cost sharing.

This program will attempt to mitigate the impact on people.  By giving a leading timeline, we can help to work with companies to make technological changes to expand their planning window.  Our mission is to prevent announcements like:

Headlines recently in the Dallas metro area: 

“More than 400 employees impacted by Richardson operation’s closing”

“Sabre Corp. will lay off 900 employees”

“Ingram Micro’s cuts in Fort Worth now total over 1,000 employees”

“Tech company closes Lewisville plant, cutting more than 150 jobs”

 “Mitel to cut more than 300 jobs, impacting Plano headquarters”


By creating a cohesive timeline, we can work with companies to create a longer planning window and be creating new jobs at the same time these jobs are being eliminated.  Obsolete jobs and technologies will be replaced, but it does not have to have the impact that we currently see.  Without a plan to create new jobs in an organized way, we miss the new technology opportunities.  The Industry Hub will not duplicate any services already in the market.  We will identify those stakeholders to hand off parts of those activities to the appropriate organizations.  We will also target HUB (historically underutilized business) Zones where there is a lack of jobs.  There are incentives for companies to move into those areas.  This will also provide jobs closer to residents in stressed areas.


About The Industry Hub Inc.


The Industry Hub was formed in 2016 in response to the Human outcry due to loss of jobs with no prospect of new jobs.  By working with declining industries while they still have good income levels, we create a planning timeline to create new jobs.  Working with emerging technology companies, we can assist them in finding partners and investors.  By creating Community Partnerships, we will also work with cities to determine what assistance can be provided, perhaps there are tax breaks available or other assistance.  Our mission is to create opportunities for people with ongoing training to provide options.  By increasing employment and increasing workforce participation, we improve our communities by creating stability.

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