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Our team is here to help businesses grow through the utilization of customized training programs and other valuable resources .

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Growing Our Businesses

Where mentoring, training, and community come together!

Today’s civil unrest is being blamed on an uneven distribution of opportunities. The Industry Hub is designing ways to level the playing field. By creating a nationwide and even International platform to help businesses understand how to get started and how to grow, opportunities will have a better chance for success.

Understand, creating your own business requires a lot of hard work. Commitment, perseverance, and dedication are required. Are you ready to get started?

Our Mission

How Do We Build The Future?

The Industry Hub’s mission is to provide a strategy for small cities to expand business opportunities by nurturing and encouraging small businesses through mentoring, training and real world, hands-on experience.


By empowering entrepreneurs and providing a support structure for learning their craft, small business incubators are the best way to help start-ups learn and grow while controlling costs.

Training Programs

Fast track your business with information you need that is directly related to running and growing the modern small business. Learn more about our training programs today!


The Industry Hub provides clients with a wide range of educational resources to help keep small businesses and members of the community informed on global changes and trends.