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Industry Hub Mission Statement

With the continued advances in technology, industries are threatened and job loss is escalating. The Industry Hub’s mission is to expand current operations as long as possible by using technology solutions at the same time working with new technologies to create jobs faster. We create strategic partnerships to provide training and re-training opportunities for workers to provide them with options and opportunities for the future to ensure and even increase the welfare and prosperity of our people and communities.

The Industry Hub Platform

Industry Hub originated at a time when job security remains a major topic of discussion and many are trying to blame the political structure as the source of the problem. The Industry Hub is about people, not politics. Although politics plays a major role in saving or losing jobs, this non-profit organization is looking at creating an environment where options can be discussed before major “shake outs” happen.


The Industry Hub model

The Industry Hub proposes to look at the entire picture of people, jobs, technologies and industry Product Life Cycle (PLC). The Industry Hub will assist in developing an unbiased look at the economies of each area of the country.  We will develop a group of stakeholders including all levels of education, state/county/local governments, local groups/ industries will be included at all levels of analysis.

It is very important to take a non-partisan/ objective look at each area to develop change strategies. Currently we leave all decision-making up to the individual companies. When a major down-sizing happens, the local communities are heavily impacted and in many cases the community is blindsided and left with the after effects. We are not proposing to interfere in any individual company, but help to create an objective framework for decision making.  Read More.