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The B-Train

The B-Train, information brought to you by The Industry Hub. Information you need that is directly related to running and growing your small business. Fast track your business! Catch the B-Train. All Aboard!

The B-Train launched in 2019 with specific training modules for small businesses.

Training Topics, Episodes & Descriptions

This is a preliminary list of topics. As we develop this program, these courses are subject to change depending on feedback from customers and request/ usage of the database.


Marketing Overview

Talks about the major elements you need to consider in marketing your company. Meant to get you thinking about all aspects of marketing.

Product Mix

Talks about all the elements related to your Product. What types of decisions so you need to make? You need to consider the market and what they want. Where are you in the product growth cycle and are you planning approapriately.


How do you know what to charge for your product? This segment talks about considerations and decisions you need to make to be competitive and make money.

Advertising & Promotion

Let’s talk about what is involved in promoting your product and creating a successful company.

Place & Distribution

In this segment we talk about how you get your product to your customer. We talk about your target audience, sales and decisions you need to make to remain responsive to your customers.


Do you know your competition? It is vital you keep up with your competition and understand their products, pricing, distribution, etc. How do you stay competitive?


What do you need to do to get ready for a tradeshow and determine ROI.

Elevator Pitch

How to present your company in a short and compelling way.

Intro to PR

What Is Public Relations?

This is why should you consider PR as part of your marketing campaigns.

Public Relations for Small Business

Design campaigns specific to small businesses. You wear many hats. This talks about how you can create PR events for your small business.

Finding Journalists

Who is writing about your industry? How do you contact them? You need to create a relationship and develop interest.

Writing Your Press Release

How do you get a journalist’s interest.

Your Media Kit

What should be included in a media kit?


Getting Started and Setting Up Quickbooks

Working With Lists Part 1

Working With Lists Part 2a

Working With Lists Part 2b

Working with Other Accounts

Importing Bank Activity

Sales Transactions

Entering and Paying Bills

Non Profits

How To Start a Nonprofit in a Nutshell

This gives some basics on forming your non-profit.

Grant Research and Development

Explores the process of grants/ grant writing.

Human Resources

Hiring Your First Employee

Dos and don’ts of hiring.

Employee vs Contractor

Benefits and cautions. Know the rules.

Employment Laws

Keep current so you are in compliance.

Government Contracting

If you are considering government contracting, here is some basic information to get started.

Getting Started 01

Getting Started 02

Request for Proposal

Entrepreneurship/ Networking

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? What do you need to do to be successful?

How To Set Up Your Business


Managing Your Side Hustle While Working 9-5

eCommerce and SEO

Let’s get technical. What you need to know to get the most out of your online experience.


How The Web Works

First Steps

Keyword Analysis and Competition