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Our Team

Terry J. Toomey, Executive Director, MBA

Over 30 years Marketing Strategist, helping companies realize their full potential. President SCORE Dallas 2015-2017. Certified SCORE Mentor since 2013 with over 200 small business client companies. Known for helping to rapidly grow companies. Previously worked with Claritas (later purchased by Neilson), USDA Graduate School and many others. Terry is bringing back her radio show “Business and Technology Insider”. Awarded journalist of the year by SBA (DC) 2004 recognizing her success in helping small companies work with the federal government. Terry has an excellent relationship with the SBA and works with many of the Chambers of Commerce in the DFW area. We will start as podcasts and then see if we can get the show syndicated. She also has a relationship with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and will invite new technologies to participate in the show to educate us on the impact of this new technology. This will provide a feeder system into the radio show to help recognize and showcase new technologies.

Bruce Mahurin, Chief Technology Officer, BCS

Father, husband, friend, thought leader. I have been involved with technical change since 1998. Serving as a thought and resolution leader, leveraging technology in places no one thinks to use it. Understanding and developing company processes and procedures that are failing to produce the right outcome. I began my career as a Microsoft Support Professional, then a Technical Team Manager, Business Unit Manager, Entrepreneur, served as a CTO for Gotchmobi and now The Industry Hub. I have passion for embracing change and innovation having accomplished this with many fortune 500 companies. Showing the company leadership how to leverage courageous changes and innovation, enabling a much higher level of productivity.

“One day band aids will carry customized petri dishes of our stem cells to regenerate new skin”. The future is coming, it does not look like that past.

Linda Gray, DCL, Senior Consultant

Residing in Dallas, Texas is a nonprofit business consultant with more than 25 years of experience. President of Corporate Connections, a nonprofit management business with expertise in nonprofit startups, nonprofit management, grant research and development for over 300 Churches, grassroots faith-based organizations and community nonprofits. Professional affiliated memberships include the National Association of Professional Women, American Association of Grant Professionals, National Grants Management Association and dear to her heart a Certified Business Mentor for SCORE Chapter in Dallas, Texas. She has successfully helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations in receiving technical assistance in IRS 501c3 certification. Has secured over 3.5 million dollars in grant awards. She is specialist in non-profits and grants. She will be doing orientation classes on the expectation, implementation, and reporting for grants. This could be a series done to help any new organizations receiving grants to be more efficient and responsible. Linda was awarded contracts from the following: City of Mobile, Alabama, US DOJ Weed & Seed Grant Program, City of Prichard AmeriCORP Program, CDBG Program, City of Bristol Florida, CDBG Program and the City of Plano CDBG Program. Presented at the City of Frisco Community Development Department Orientation to nonprofit organizations applying for CDBG Funds.