By empowering entrepreneurs and providing a support structure for learning their craft, small business incubators are the best way to help start-ups learn and grow while controlling costs.

Paradigm Shifts

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Where will the biggest impact be? How will we deal with the changes and how do we educate and train workers of tomorrow? These challenges are becoming more apparent. We currently do not have a lack of jobs but a lack of skilled labor to fill the high paying technology jobs. Our gap is in skills. We need to do a better job of training for the future.

Education will play a huge role in filling the skills gap. We, as a society, need to rethink our educational offerings. We need to get back to skills training. Higher Education is very expensive and does not train people “how-to-do” skills. Technology is moving so fast that a 4-year degree may not offer relevant skills. What is the answer?

Emerging Opportunities

Being connected is more important than ever. Think about self-driving cars, the efficiency of robots and the impact on people. To learn more about cutting-edge technologies that will impact our lives, read the following article:

Major Areas of Change:

Declining Industries

Market Analysis for Dallas Market (The Industry Hub will analyze each market to determine where you are likely to lose jobs and where you are likely to add jobs). Each market will be different and the local market will determine where their future exists. It is up to the local market to determine where they should make investments.

Grow DeSoto Grand Opening

The Grow DeSoto Market Place Incubator is a re-purposed hardware store.

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Repurposing an old hardware store:


Incubator ready for customers: